1. My Contact Information

    Personal contact page of Manjit Sandhu

    Manjith Sandhu

  2. How to Sell to Corporate America

    Tips on "How to sell to Large accounts" an audio chat with my friend whose single largest sale was over $300 million

    Click Here to listen to a recording of the Live Lecture "How to Sell to Corporate USA" by my friend Stephen Mahoney. Stephen has an excellent 31 year track record in sales with companies like IBM, PTC, CISCO etc with his largest single sale being over $300 million

  3. The Game Changer

    Game Changer - How to get people to act NOW... tips from my friend Scott who did business in excess of $200 million every year and specialized in getting people to say yes

    Scott and Pam talk about a proven way to get people to take action now. Scott is a graduate from Duke and Columbia and worked with leading Advertisement agencies like Ogilvy and has done business in access of $200 million per year in the area of helping clients get people to say yes. Click Here to download a very well written guide by them for distribution by me.

  4. Are you Farmer or a Hunter

    Are you a Hunter of a Farmer when it comes to selling to an American client?

    Click here to take a three minute profile to find out

  5. My charity Work

    We must give back to society, check out my philanthropic activities below

    (all proceeds donated to charity)

Gender based sales training!

how to close more business selling to men and women

Dr Gray is a leading authority on gender intelligence. He and Manjit Sandhu have coproduced a series of workshops on Gender Based Selling, Gender Based Customer Service, Gender Based Leadership, Gender Based Time Management. Click here to see details on these workshops.

Is your Gender Quotient (GQ)
affecting your sales?

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